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We ship our products to various European countries via the most reputable courier companies (UPS, DPD, FedEx).

If you purchase more items, the shipping cost is calculated only once for each product type (in other words, even if one order includes several canvas prints or wall murals or posters, you'll have to pay the shipping cost only once).

PLEASE NOTE: when ordering e.g. both canvas print and wall mural, the shipping costs are calculated separately for each product type (we don't dispatch canvas prints and wall murals in a joint shipment).

Shipping costs for our products depend on delivery address. These are standard shipping costs, when we send parcels to the United Kingdom:

Shipment Country of dispatch 1st product 2nd and each
subsequent product
Canvas prints GB-* £8.45 £0.00
AT-* £12.37 £0.00
BE-* £8.22 £0.00
CH-* £41.42 £0.00
DE-* £4.90 £0.00
FR-* £9.88 £0.00
IT-* £8.22 £0.00
LU-* £16.52 £0.00
PL-* £4.15 £0.00
Wall murals GB-* £8.45 £0.00
AT-* £12.41 £0.00
BE-* £8.22 £0.00
CH-* £41.42 £0.00
DE-* £4.90 £0.00
FR-* £8.22 £0.00
IT-* £7.39 £0.00
LU-* £16.52 £0.00
PL-* £4.15 £0.00
Posters GB-* £6.63 £0.00
AT-* £6.63 £0.00
BE-* £6.63 £0.00
CH-* £6.63 £0.00
DE-* £4.97 £0.00
FR-* £6.63 £0.00
IT-* £6.63 £0.00
LU-* £6.63 £0.00
PL-* £2.66 £0.00

Any additional fees related to parcel deliveries to special regions (e.g. customs duties, taxes and other additional costs) shall be paid by the recipient of the parcel . Detailed information concerning the amount of fees payable is available here .

As soon as your product is dispatched, you’ll get notified by email. You'll also be given the number of parcel so that you'll be able to track your delivery online directly on courier's website.

In the United Kingdom our parcels are usually delivered within 2-5 days from the date of shipment. In case of delays or other problems with delivery, please contact the courier directly - you'll also be able to change delivery address or agree a convenient delivery date.

Modification of the invoice is possible within maximum 3 months from the date of issuing of the document.